Why Schedule Prompt AC Repair?

Mar 9, 2018

Summer is on the wave. If your air conditioner is working 24/7, see to it that it is ready to beat the heat. As soon as you see repair signs on your cooling unit, do not wait any longer! Schedule a repair service immediately to spot possible problems and provide prompt solutions.

Find out why you should schedule an A/C repair early this year.

Save Yourself from A/C Malfunction on Mid-season

Your air conditioner could possibly break down any time this season. Some parts of your unit might be prone to wear and damage without your notice. Moisture build-up, refrigerant leaks and insufficient cooling are symptoms of A/C malfunction that may happen on the hottest days of summer. Ignoring these warning signs can make your life miserable during warm seasons.

Stop Airborne Allergies from Spreading

Are you living with allergy sufferers? If yes, then it is imperative to have your AC inspected and repaired as preventive measure. Your air filter might have accumulated tons of dust, mold and all sorts of dirt over time. These particles breed bacteria and allergens that can infiltrate the house and cause illnesses. Stop them before they multiply!

Secure Quality Indoor Air

Studies conducted by Environmental Protection Agency say that indoor pollution is 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors. Thus, it is necessary to keep high quality indoor air at all times for a healthier home. Do a quick fix on your AC unit the moment you notice some red flags such as sounds and smells which are not part of its normal operation. Contact your local HVAC specialists to prevent further damage on your cooling system today.

Strengthen Your System for Longer Lifespan

A typical air conditioner lasts for about 10 to 15 years. Preventive maintenance helps you get the most out of your investment by keeping an eye on those minor problems. A routine repair service can help your unit last two-fold and save you from major system breakdowns.

Spend Lesser on Monthly Bill

Insufficient cooling unit is an indication of AC problems. If your unit is having this malfunction, immediately call a professional to provide quick repairs. If not, you will be faced with a tremendous increase in your energy usage.

Get your A/C ready for hot seasons through our preventive repair services. Contact us at Rescue Heat & Air to get affordable deals!