Reasons Your AC Smells Bad When It Turns On

Mar 21, 2018

Does your air conditioning unit smell bad every time it turns on? If you are wondering what causes these bad odors, better read this!

Find out the reasons why your air conditioning unit produces unfavorable smells and learn how to fix them one after the other.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Did you know that mold and mildew build up in the evaporator coil and can trigger that bad smell in your air conditioning unit? When dust or dirt combined with condensation (cold air) it breeds mold and bacteria into play. Signs of dirty evaporator coils include ice formation, weak air flow, evident buildup of mildew and more. You will need the help of the professionals to clean the evaporator coil because it sometimes requires disassembly.

Leaks in Air Ducts

If indoor humidity level is high, mold might be starting to find shelter in your air ducts. Over time, it will cause the ducts to leak producing a stinky feet or rotten egg smell. Stagnant water in your air conditioning unit often leads to a stinky smell so you need to address this problem early as possible. Have an expert check your ductwork immediately.

Rotten Insect or Animal in Air Ducts

Rodents or any animal stuck inside your air conditioning system are dangerous and so is the skunk scent they produce. The smell will continue to circulate in the house if not given an abrupt solution. Call an HVAC technician to inspect your air ducts for decaying animal stuck in the system.

Shorted Out Fan Motor/Circuit Board

If you notice a burning scent like gunpowder coming from your air conditioner, it means that the circuit board or fan motor has shorted out. To eliminate that burning-like smell, keep your air conditioning units working properly or best to call your HVAC contractor to repair the issue before it turns into a major problem.

Exhaust Fumes

While your A/C unit needs electricity to work, motors require fluids to run and perform. But, if the fluids leak out, it can be a disaster for everyone in the house. Exhaust fumes produce sewage or a stinky feet smell that you would not like. An HVAC technician can help you eliminate the odor, fix the leaks and unclog the drain line.

Keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Call us at Rescue Heat and Air to maintain your air conditioning unit for a comfortable home all year-round.