5 Factors That Affect Your HVAC’s Longevity

Feb 28, 2018

Admit it! Our heating and cooling systems do not always perform the way we want them to. It fails to give us the comfort we need sometimes. Then one day, you will die of shock knowing that your HVAC system has stopped running.

At some point, you might be wondering why your HVAC system did not last as long as expected. If you are tired of thinking, you should read this! Discover the factors that severely affect the lifespan of your system.

System Brand

The system brand you choose indicates how long it will last. High-quality systems made from quality standard materials have longer service life and better performance. How would you know if your system is a trusted brand or not? Simple! Look for brands offered by industry-leading providers and manufacturers. You will never go wrong with them.


Does size matter? Definitely! The size of your HVAC unit should fit in your home space requirement. It should neither be too small nor too big! Systems that exceed the size requirement will experience brief term operation cycling. On the other hand, too small of systems will not hold up with the load in heating and cooling your home. Either of these two scenarios have grave effect on the efficiency and life span of the system. Ask advice from your HVAC provider about the right size of unit suitable to your home.


Is your heating and cooling system properly installed? The quality of HVAC installation determines the life expectancy of your system. Do not expect the system to work efficiently for a long-term period if its components are not in the right place or correct order. Hence, it is very important to contact a licensed and certified HVAC company for proper system installation.

Indoor Air Quality

Dirt, dust and air particles can grab your chance in enjoying fresh and quality air inside your home. Once they build up in your HVAC system, your health and money are at risk. Why? These are air contaminants that can cause the entire family of air-borne ailments. Your system will malfunction or slow down and worse, stop from operating. Dirt accumulated in the air duct causes the flow of air to be restricted. Thus, regular cleaning and check-up are necessary.


How often do you inspect or check your system? Weekly? Once a month? Or, when you are on the mood? Maintenance is one of the most important factors affecting your unit’s service life. Your HVAC system requires a periodic check-up at least once a month. Upkeeping your system with professional aid prevents possible breakdowns and unwarranted repair expenses.

All these factors impact the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system. If you cannot manage them alone then work out your research skills and look for a trusted HVAC provider near your area. Stay out of trouble and let the experts do the work in your behalf.