Tips & Tricks To Improve Energy Efficiency At Home

Feb 15, 2018

Here is a sad truth. People become overly dependent on their HVAC systems, without knowing that efficiency is the result of being a savvy homeowner. Here is a rundown of tips and tricks to improve energy efficiency at home.

1. Improve your home insulation.
One of the main causes of increased energy consumption is poor insulation. Be sure that your home does not allow for entry and escape of your desired air. Losing it means losing your money as well.

When the cooling season sets in, be sure you have checked your doors and windows for any holes that may cause air to escape your house. Put weather stripping on the exterior of your doors. Cracks in your windows are possible escape routes for air as well. If you notice one, patch it with a sealer.

2. Invest in high energy efficiency units.
Energy star certified appliances may cost a bit more than traditional units, but will save you from greater expenses in the future because they use less energy and are more efficient. Do not settle for the cheapest units, or you might just end up having extra expenses for repairs due to low quality.

3. Use LED lighting.
If you notice excess energy being consumed by the lighting system in your home, try using a more efficient product. LEDs are remarkably energy efficient and use up to 90 percent less power compared to incandescent bulbs. With LED lighting, you can expect a dramatic decrease on your energy costs. Also, energy and money is saved in replacement and maintenance costs due to longevity.

4. Get an energy efficiency audit.
Check the status of the efficiency in your home by bringing in a professional energy auditor. Let the expert evaluate whether your home is making improvements towards your goal. Ask them for suggestions on how to enhance energy efficiency in your home or if you are conserving energy correctly. By doing so, you will be able to determine which areas of the house needs your instant attention.

5. Sign up for professional maintenance.
You can ensure the efficiency of your units if they are properly maintained. Contact a qualified technician to check your system once in a while to avoid problems that may hinder it to function well and cost you extra payments for repair. By maintaining your systems, you can determine if your units are still as efficient as before, or you might need to replace them for good.

Who wants a high energy bill? We bet no one does! These are just a few of the many tricks you can do to keep an energy efficient home. Let’s support energy efficiency!