Easy Furnace Maintenance Tips This Winter

Dec 13, 2017

Your furnace keeps you warm and cozy this winter season. Unfortunately, furnace problems are inevitable. That’s why you better put a serious attention on taking care of your unit. This winter season, here are simple maintenance tips to keep your furnace up and running.

Start maintenance as early as possible.

The coldest nights of the season seem to be the most opportune time for furnace failure. To avoid the headache of unexpected furnace breakdown, you can start maintenance as early as possible. Try to do some maintenance work or call the experts for help.

Do the eye test.

Inspect your unit. Check on the venting pipe and make sure that it is securely fastened and properly angled. Take a look at the tubes and smell the gas flex. In case you smelling something rotten, it could be an indication of gas leak. The best way to deal with it is to hire a professional HVAC contractor.

Inspect the thermostat wires.

Turn the power to the unit off before checking the wires. Remove the furnace doors and start your job by gently pulling the wires. Be sure that they are properly fitted and tight.

Clean the sensor.

Your heating unit may lose its efficiency if the flame sensor becomes dirty. Give it a regular cleaning to keep it up all throughout the season. Unbolt the sensor from the unit and give it some cleaning through the use of an emery cloth. You may also consider flame sensor replacement.

Hire a pro.

A professional HVAC contractor is knowledgeable on all aspects of your heating and cooling unit. Your local HVAC contractor will thoroughly diagnose your heating unit, do the necessary repairs and provide you helpful furnace maintenance tips.

Need help with your heating and cooling units? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Rescue Heat & Air.