Common Furnace Problems You May Experience Over the Winter

Nov 28, 2017

The cold weather brings heavy demand on your furnace which causes problems to arise. Some just need easy fixes while there are also those which need a professional help. Here’s a rundown of the most common furnace issues during winter.

Dirty Filters. Filters can get dirty in the middle of the cold season, which may cause your unit to cycle on and off. This can strain your furnace which may lead to lesser warm air distribution, expensive repairs and high energy bill.

Bad Combustion. Bad combustion can lead to the leak of carbon monoxide gas. This is an odorless gas which can silently affect one’s health and even cause death.

Bad Thermostat Calibration. This can lead to on-and-off operation of your unit causing high energy bill and early system retirement.

Strange noises. These are indications of problems inside your furnace. These can be because of loose or worn-out components which can affect its operation.

Dry Air. When your home’s humidifier already needs replacement, you’ll feel uncomfortable with dry air inside your home. This is detrimental to your furniture and a big disturbance to your comfort.

Bad odors. Just like those sounds, bad odors are also indications of issues in the furnace. Whether there are burning wires or some rodents died inside, these can affect the performance of your unit and bring trouble on your part.

What A Professional HVAC Maintenance Can Do

Protects your furnace. Heating and cooling systems are great investments. An HVAC maintenance service can help you get the most out your investment and more.

Prevents issues and expensive repairs. It’s a hassle to be left in the middle of winter with no heat, but more stressful when you have to pay extra charges for expensive repairs. Regular HVAC maintenance can save you from all these chaos by making sure that each component is in shipshape.

Prolongs the life of your heating unit. You might just be surprised of the extended service life of your furnace which is because of annual inspection and maintenance. An extra 5 to 8 years of good service is more than enough to bring back the money you spent for your unit.

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