Why Are Regular Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance a Must?

Dec 19, 2022

We all want to be warm and cozy when the winter months arrive. We layer up with sweaters, scarves, and hats, and when the temperature indoors is too cold to bear, we turn on the furnace. While the sound of the furnace kicking on is comforting on chilly nights, if homeowners don’t take good care of their furnaces, they’ll only hear the emergency repair truck arriving.

It is of the utmost importance to clean the dirt out of your heating equipment to prevent early failures and malfunctions. Regrettably, some people don’t bother to clean their heating systems until they have difficulties, which may lead to various issues. The following reasons may show the importance of keeping your furnace clean.

Why is Furnace Cleaning So Important?

Better Performance

In general, furnaces are pretty reliable, but their performance might suffer if particular sections of the appliance are allowed to deteriorate owing to improper or insufficient cleaning and maintenance. Make sure your unit has no dust, dirt, pollen, or other pollutants. Having a clean furnace is particularly crucial for members of the family who struggle with respiratory conditions like asthma or allergies.

An Improved Quality of Life at Home

Keeping your furnace clean has a ton of fantastic benefits, and one of those benefits is that it improves your comfort. Without a doubt, you and your loved ones are entitled to a toasty and comfortable house during the winter months, and if your furnace is kept well-maintained and subjected to routine cleaning, it won’t fail you.

Enhancements to Its Lifespan

Keeping the components of your heating system clean goes a long way toward extending its lifespan. We always advise homeowners to keep their properties clean and be on the lookout for any potential concerns that might become significant difficulties in the future. You will be able to avoid potentially terrifying costs for repairs with this method.

Cost Savings Relating to Energy Use

If you have seen a significant increase in your monthly energy expenses, this may indicate that something is wrong with your heating equipment or that it is very blocked and unclean. Regular cleaning and maintenance may result in significant reductions in the cost of your energy use. It is in your best interest to contact a local professional to examine the components of your system and verify that it is operating at its most effective level.

When Should I Clean My Furnace?

It’s Dirty or Dusty: You should replace your air filter every 3-6 months, depending on various factors. If you notice the furnace is dirtier than usual, you may want to go ahead and either clean it yourself or schedule preventive maintenance for the health of your family and your furnace.

Its Flame Isn’t Blue: The flame produced by a gas furnace is typically blue in color. On the other hand, if you see orange or yellow flames, you should immediately call 911. Either the burner or the flame sensor in your device is unclean. Consequently, the furnace is not adequately venting the room, which puts you and your family at risk of exposure to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Because of this, you need urgent repair for the furnace.

It’s Breaking Down: Your home’s heating system may have been experiencing much more breakdowns than typical. It’s possible that your gas furnace has to be replaced if you require repairs on it so often, but it might also be a sign that muck is building up within the system and causing it to malfunction. It can save money on repairs and prolong the life of your furnace by investing in expert cleaning services. The following is a list of frequent problems that cleaning may fix in a furnace:

Your Heating Bills are Increasing: What may have caused the abrupt spike in your energy bills? You have not been turning the heater on more often than usual, have you? A buildup of dust, hair, and filth may be what’s causing your furnace to run less efficiently and use more power than usual. One of the numerous advantages of maintaining your furnace is increased energy efficiency, which helps you save money.

Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Repaired

Some common signs that your furnace requires a repair service include:
● Uneven heating with cold spots that never seem to heat up
● The burner does not light up or stay lit for longer than three seconds
● The blower does not turn on or stays on continuously
● Short cycling
● Unusual bangs, clangs, or other noises
● Faulty pilot light
● Increasing energy bills
● Furnace age reaching 20 years

Why Hire Rescue Heat & Air for Furnace Solutions in Oklahoma?

The ignition system, motors, fans, gas valves, bearings, sensors, and flame rectification system all work together to ensure the furnace operates correctly. The whole system will crash if even one fails to work properly. During the colder months, this may rapidly become a threat to the well-being of your loved ones. However, Rescue Heat & Air can provide rapid assistance. In Claremore and around Oklahoma, we repair all makes and models of furnaces following building codes. Are you ready to make an appointment for maintenance or repair? Contact us today.