Tips For Keeping Your Home Comfy & Efficient During Summer Months

Aug 9, 2017

Are you feeling anxious about the next heat wave? Worry not! There are simple and inexpensive steps you can take to save energy and money during the hot summer months. Here we’ve put together some energy saving tips in order to help you keep your home cool, efficient and comfy during summer.

Invest in a high quality unit.

When purchasing a new AC, choose an Energy Star certified unit and be sure that it’s installed by a highly trained and experienced HVAC specialist. A properly installed air conditioner may cost more upfront, but it pays off well in the long run.

Be a fan of fans.

Freestanding or ceiling fans are an expensive way to stay comfortable in hot weather. Fans are less costly than air conditioners, and they help in circulating the air to provide relief from the heat wave when the humidity is low. Using a ceiling fan in conjunction with a thermostat controlled AC make it more energy efficient.

Get with the program.

Set your thermostat as high as possible in the summer is also a good trick. The smaller the difference between the inside and outside temperatures, the lower your cooling cost will be. Using a programmable thermostat efficiently can save you about $180 on your annual energy bills. Here’s a tip- set the thermostat to 79 degrees when you’re at home, and 85 degrees when you’re out.

Keep the air filters clean.

It pays to check the air filters every month. During the hot summer days, dust, dirt, pet dander and other matter go with the air and get trapped within your AC’s air filter. Eventually, they would clog the filters, causing your unit to work harder than usual to keep your home cool. If you’re using reusable air filters, be sure to keep give them some cleaning each month.

Consider room insulation.

Roof ventilation also helps in setting back your temperature during summer. Depending on the kind of your property, you might want to install some whirlybirds or roof insulation and eave events to help release hot air from your indoor space.

Seal cracks and openings.

Another energy saving tip to keep your indoor space comfy and efficient is to prevent hot air from leaking into your home. Look for cracks and openings and seal them to prevent warm from leaking into your indoor space. You can add weatherstripping or caulk to seal leaks around leaky windows and doors.

Sign up for annual service.

One of the best ways to stay comfortable during the next heat wave is to sign up for a professional annual service. Ideally, it includes ducts and blower inspection, checking and/or replacing of air filters, inspection of electrical terminals, inspecting units correctly and checking airflow. Your local contractor will also give you some maintenance tips for added efficiency and comfort of your home.

If you’re puzzling out how to keep your home cool and efficiency as possible during the hot summer months, try these energy saving tips and you’ll thank us later.