As an HVAC company we strive to provide our customers with the best quality products and services possible. We do our very best to be timely and accurate. In todays industry there is so much competition everywhere you look, left, right, up, down; so we do our best to stand out the most by helping as many customers as we can in any way we possibly can. Owasso heat and air aims to be a company you can rely on. Trust us with your home or your business.

Your comfort and happiness is our very first and most important priority. If you are in a residential area we can install an AC or heating systems for you no problem. We will make sure that your AC unit is installed properly and functioning completely. If a part needs to be repaired or replaced we are happy to take care of that for you our dear valued customer. We all know someone who complains about how hot it is during the summer, and they just can’t wait till winter and cooler weather comes around. Well when that colder weather moves in you better sure your heat is working 1,000% or you are not going to be a happy camper.

Owasso heat and air checkes all of your furnaces to make sure that they are working properly and providing you with plenty of heat as they should. If something does not check out or does not seem like it is working correctly, we will determine the problem or error and we will fix it for you no worries! Without a functioning furnace you are going to be lacking heat, and no one wants to freeze their buns all the time especially if snow shows up, then you are in some trouble.

No matter where you are in the Oklahoma area: Pryor, Claremore, Catoosa, Owasso, Inola, Collinsville, Verdigris, Foyil, Sequoyah, Oologah where ever you are; if you are building a home, an apartment complex, or even a local business Owasso heat and air will make sure that you have only the best functioning AC and heat available. You will be well taken care of. Your comfort and your happiness are our first priority always no matter the task. Our technicians are trained and certified to deal with any situation. We will make sure you have the highest quality systems and that you are satisfied with our services.

Maybe you have a pool or hottub that require dehumidifiers, heat pumps, or gas pumps. If any of those need to be repaired or be replaced we have you covered. We do maintenance and quality checks to make sure your systems are funcitoning properly. If a part or a whole system needs a repair or a replacement we will take care of you. No matter what you need give us a call at 918-946-6681 or visit us online at and let us know how we can help you today.

Are you happy with your AC system? What about your heating? Or are you experiencing any heating or air problems in your home or business today? If you are contact Owasso heat and air and we can help you and we will take care of you never fear. If a previous worker from a different company messed something up we can fix it! If a previous installation failed we will fix you up. We have also built a reputation on helping in extreme emergencies as fast as possibly can.

At Owasso heat and air our technicians have only the highest level of heating and air knowledge and have the best certifications and training. We founded our company in 2010. Our founder Tom created Owasso heat and air after becoming fed up with people scamming and treating customers unfairly. Our company has high standards as a result. We are compassionate and dedicated and hardworking. You our customers keep this business going. We would not be successful without you guys.

We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best service, whether that be installing new AC units, repairing a heater, replacing a furnace, replacing a gas pump, or replacing a heat pump we will provide you with the best products for your system and make sure you are good to go. We will make sure everything is installed properly. If there is a piece that needs to be repaired we will take care of it for you. Is there something that just needs to be completely replaced? We have got you taken care of don’t worry about a thing.

Now lets say you have a commercial business by chance. Offices and businesses deserve the best AC units and heating systems as well. Commercial equipment is more complex and has more demands so it is crucial to have the correct parts, and those parts are installed and working properly. Do you need a new AC system? A better heating system? Our rescue professionals will talk you through what you need and what is going to be done about all of that. We will walk you through the whole process.

If something just needs to be completely replaced, a furnace for example they can get wornout, as well boilers, and heat pumps then we will determine the most efficient option in your budget range. So no matter the task: a new AC unit, repairing a heating unit, replacing a furnace, or just a simple maintenance inspection give us a call today right now at 918-946-6681 or visit our website at and we will get you all fixed up and running!