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We always need specialists. When your car starts making a funny noise, you have to pop open the hood and start poking around in there? No! You take it to your mechanic. When your computer crashes, do you pry off the back of your monitor and start moving wires around? Of course not, you take it to the store you bought it from and ask them to restore it, hopefully with whatever project you are working on saved and intact. Your HVAC system is the same, you can’t just open it and start prying around in there. You have to call an expert! As the best Owasso heat and air company, Rescue Heat and Air is the way to go! Not only are we continuously training to stay at the top of our fields in both technology and state of the art systems, but we offer excellent customer service as well! Because we understand that this is going to be a stressful time, and we want you to be comfortable and confident in both our ability to do our jobs, and in our commitment to you. From your air conditioning unit, to your heating system, to your gas furnace, we want to take care of you!

For most people, the extent of their air conditioning knowledge ends at how to use the thermostat or remote for the unit. That means that everybody needs an expert, correct? As the undisputed best Owasso heat and air company, we offer that expertise willingly and enthusiastically. We understand that it can be extremely stressful to have to go without urease them. This is why we strive to take care of you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Because honestly, why should you sit in the sweltering heat for a second longer than you absolutely have to? We get that! We want you to suffer as little as possible throughout the stressful ordeal.

Maybe it’s your heating system that’s gone on the fritz. Do you find yourself shivering more than normal in the winter, when you feel like you should be comfortably warm on your couch? This is where we come in! We can prepare your current heating system, or if it is not salvageable, we can replace that one with one of our own state of the art systems that we are trained and certified on.
Because again, we want you to suffer as little as possible, as well as keep as many fingers and toes as you possibly can while freezing in your own home. This is why we are the highest rated Owasso heat and air team around!

Maybe you have a gas furnace, and are not 100% sure how to fix it. That is okay! This is also covered in training to become a certified service technician for Rescue Heat and Air. We don’t expect you to know everything, but you should expect your chosen HVAC company to know everything. And why shouldn’t you? This is why we are continuously training to stay ahead of the curve with technology and job knowledge.

Do not forget to give us a call today at (918) 946-6681 or visit our website at to schedule your appointment today! We are looking forward to helping you with your HVAC issues!

Best Owasso Heat and Air | Who is the best at HVAC issues in my area?

As a member of the general population, what is expected of you? Well, you are expected to go to work, possibly get married and start a family, more than likely acquire a few dogs and/or cats along the way, try to save up as much as possible for retirement, and go on the occasional Netflix binge. But nowhere in there is it expected of you to be an expert with your HVAC system. This is where we come in! As the best Owasso heat and air company (not to mention for Tulsa and the surrounding areas as well), Rescue Heat and Air is here to make your life easier! We are the experts in this field, and want to make your experience as painless and as stress free as possible. Why should you become an expert, when you can have one scheduling you in a matter of moments? Whether you own your own home, have an HVAC system for your office, or are looking to construct your new hoime, give us a call today, and experience for yourself just why we are at the top of the list for HVAC services.

Moving into your own home is scary. A lot can go wrong! Some things cannot be easily fixed, like the moving company losing your furniture, or your partner accidentally backing into the garage door the first time they pull into the driveway. One thing that is easily fixed as your HVAC system. As the best Owasso heat and air option, we understand that things happen! Problems with your air conditioning or heating system should not be something that you stress about. We are here to take care of you, both with our state of the art equipment as well as extensive job knowledge instilled in each of our service technicians. You can have many doubts about owning your own home, but one of them should not be who you will call if your heating or air messes up or gives up altogether.

Maybe you took the plunge and open your own business. If this is the case, you should start making up a list of who you will need to call in an emergency. At the top of the list would be you, underneath that would be whoever your second in command is, but somewhere down on the list would need to be the best Owasso heat and air company. Why, you ask? Because you will need to have someone easily reached, in case of an HVAC emergency. And if you are making a list like this, why would you not want the absolute best? This is where Rescue Heat and Air comes in. We are here for you, even for your commercial building HVAC problems.

If you are someone who has to do things your way, then you are probably looking to build your dream home. If this is the case, give us a call! We want to make sure that you get off to the right start in building your dream, which includes starting out with the best possible equipment and technology, as well as having the ultimate expert in HVAC systems in your back pocket. Here at rescue heat and air, we strive to give you the ultimate experience in HVAC services.

Remember to give us a call today at rescue number, or visit our website at to schedule your appointment or talk to a licensed professional today. We cannot wait to assist you!